On football and the only World Cup game I have watched this year

‘I often lay awake at night and look back at my life in wonder.

I am married, I have a family and I have changed jobs 5 times, because I wanted to. I feel like I have only moved up.

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On Grete and her half of the story


I can’t take it off. I have tried and I’ve tried, but it’s too late now, it is stuck to my face and there’s nothing I can do about it.

It’s not gilded, it does not shine, nor sparkle, nor wow. It is not colourful; although it does have a beige tinge which I quite like.

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Purple and red, apples and pears

featuring APPLES & PEARS

I grew up in a concrete jungle, in a flat at the centre of Bucharest. I learned to love walking to school among blocks of flats, reaching the city centre on foot, marvelling at architectural antitheses. I fell in love with grey. Continue reading “Purple and red, apples and pears”



You have heard me more than once speak about how important it is to spread a positive message and to read inspiring, rather than anxiety-inducing writing.

Time to put my money where my heart is, well, more like, my writing where my heart is. So here it is. Continue reading “#ACCOUNTS THAT COUNT”

On being task-oriented


‘The first time I saw a city bus I was seventeen years old.

I had met him on messenger. People still ask me how I had the patience. I am a patient person, when I know it is worth it in the end. Task-oriented, that is what they call me.

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Cold coffee and walnut cake

featuring GATHER

If you asked my husband the names of my Transylvanian cousins, aunts and uncles, he would struggle to give you the right answer. He would be much better able to tell you which household owned a TV, who had the first refrigerator, the first toilet, or who was the first to have electricity installed.

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