The man who takes pictures in the sea

featuring PAVILIONS

‘It has been over 3 months now since I last drank alcohol and the longest it has ever been since I was 21. I never want it in my life.’

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The story behind the image

featuring ACCUMULATE

‘As part of the course, we also visit exhibitions.

I prefer to be hands-on and take pictures, and yet I really enjoyed walking around the galleries and reading the photographers’ biographies as well as the story behind each image. I found myself going home to research some of the artists in the gallery, their photographic style and their own personal story. I could feel passion for photography coming back to me.

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On the artist

featuring The Green Ribbon Campaign

* This is Jimmy’s story. A story of mental illness, stigma, ambitions and finding peace*

‘So I’m supposed to tell you my story, no guidelines… That’s going to be hard! I do not know where to start.

My father passed away when I was ten years old and I was brought up by my mum and my two older sisters. They moved out of home and I went into boarding school for a while. My father had been my best friend. Continue reading “On the artist”

The Cardigan

featuring BBC Woman’s Hour Craft Prize

I own an eclectic wardrobe. Some of my dresses may even be a century old. Most trousers are winter sales snatches off the high street. My sister buys all my socks. The scarves and bags are from my sister-in-law.

I love mixing and matching and living in an a-temporal fashion gap. I sometimes receive compliments on my clothes… and sometimes I don’t.

One of the most surprising items to ever receive compliments on has been a cardigan. A green-grey, hand knitted, larger than average cardigan that got out of the wardrobe and onto my shoulders through pure luck, one random, chilly Tuesday morning. Continue reading “The Cardigan”

On Art

 featuring Creativity for Wellbeing

Jimmy – an artist – told me this story:

‘There was also a young kid there, sleeping rough, like me. I remember he was about sixteen, seventeen.

And we hung out together and I was just nineteen, twenty at that stage, and what I did was I took him to the Tate Modern and we spent two days. And then because of my art background, I shared like, I wanted to show him Rothko and you know, explained it all to him, and actually he started saying to me he wanted to become an artist and get off the streets. Continue reading “On Art”