The man who takes pictures in the sea

featuring PAVILIONS

‘It has been over 3 months now since I last drank alcohol and the longest it has ever been since I was 21. I never want it in my life.’

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The Book in the Bag


‘I used to take our cow out to the field every morning after breakfast. Once I was ready, I would take it by the chain, a book in my bag. We stopped at the field next to ours, four kilometres away from our house. It was 1955 or thereabouts. I must have been nine or ten.

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The story behind the image

featuring ACCUMULATE

‘As part of the course, we also visit exhibitions.

I prefer to be hands-on and take pictures, and yet I really enjoyed walking around the galleries and reading the photographers’ biographies as well as the story behind each image. I found myself going home to research some of the artists in the gallery, their photographic style and their own personal story. I could feel passion for photography coming back to me.

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The End


We were at our friends’ wedding in Poland.

I remember the reception room, flooded with light. Light reflecting on the bookcase vitrines, light dancing on the crystal glassware on the table.

Pawel’s mobile rang and for some reason he didn’t take the call in the main room. He went upstairs. I remember thinking he was gone for ages and that it was peculiar that he had left the room. Premonition? He came down eventually and he was changed. A few months later, a common friend told me she couldn’t recognise Pawel – that he had gotten old all of a sudden. Continue reading “The End”

On Lunchboxes


I was introduced to the world of packed lunches the day my middle child started nursery.

After a year of daily lunchbox packing, there followed a blissful break when my 2 older children were in ‘infants’ – that part of schooling when you benefit from free meals. My 3rd child, a baby, finally rejoiced some undivided attention and maybe a few more elaborate meals.

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On the artist

featuring The Green Ribbon Campaign

* This is Jimmy’s story. A story of mental illness, stigma, ambitions and finding peace*

‘So I’m supposed to tell you my story, no guidelines… That’s going to be hard! I do not know where to start.

My father passed away when I was ten years old and I was brought up by my mum and my two older sisters. They moved out of home and I went into boarding school for a while. My father had been my best friend. Continue reading “On the artist”

On Grandma’s last story

-featuring Wavelength charity

Grandma was born in 1921, in a city at the bottom of the mountains. Her father was a shepherd. He would gather all the sheep from their neighbours, he’d take his own flock and climb up to the sheepfold on the first days of Spring. He came down from the top of the mountain with the first frost, bringing with him white cheese, milk, and sheep wool. Continue reading “On Grandma’s last story”