The man who takes pictures in the sea

featuring PAVILIONS

‘It has been over 3 months now since I last drank alcohol and the longest it has ever been since I was 21. I never want it in my life.’

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The Book in the Bag


‘I used to take our cow out to the field every morning after breakfast. Once I was ready, I would take it by the chain, a book in my bag. We stopped at the field next to ours, four kilometres away from our house. It was 1955 or thereabouts. I must have been nine or ten.

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The story behind the image

featuring ACCUMULATE

‘As part of the course, we also visit exhibitions.

I prefer to be hands-on and take pictures, and yet I really enjoyed walking around the galleries and reading the photographers’ biographies as well as the story behind each image. I found myself going home to research some of the artists in the gallery, their photographic style and their own personal story. I could feel passion for photography coming back to me.

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On Lunchboxes


I was introduced to the world of packed lunches the day my middle child started nursery.

After a year of daily lunchbox packing, there followed a blissful break when my 2 older children were in ‘infants’ – that part of schooling when you benefit from free meals. My 3rd child, a baby, finally rejoiced some undivided attention and maybe a few more elaborate meals.

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